Stay healthy during Quarantine

Times are ...different. No work. No where to go. Gyms are closed. Sweatpants all day. A fridge waiting to be opened and ravished through. It's the new "quarantine 15." But wait, summers just around the corner. What to do?!

Just because your home bound doesn't mean to toss your normal habits out the window. Follow me as I discuss ways in where we may slack off, and how to adjust to get back into some sort of "routine."

First, let's talk about sleep. Or maybe lack there of? Have you noticed your sleep pattern has become upside down, napping during the day followed by insomnia at night? Just like you have prior to this, set your sleeping times. It's okay to sleep in a little more than you would normally do, but try and make it a habit to wake up early to start your day. Don't sleep in until noon. This will help you sleep better at night, as well as get you to adjust better when things start to normalize. Also, set a bed time. Put down the electronics, stop the late night movies, and really start to unwind about 30 minutes prior to hitting the pillow. My day starts at about 7:30-8:00am and I'm in bed around 10:30pm (normally I would be up at 6am and in bed at 9:30/10pm).

Exercising may be a little hard depending on how much room you have, outside weather, working from home, kids, etc. The key is to try and set a routine. I like to get my workouts in during the mornings. When it's nice, I go for a jog outside. When it's not, I'm indoors using weights and bands. Body weight exercises are just as fine to keep you active. There are also a ton of free apps and workouts you can youtube, beachbody, fitness blender, aaptiv, etc that you can follow. You can also hire a trainer via virtual training ( that will train you as you are home. Keep in mind, our bodies are so used to being on the go during the day, whether its from our jobs, or just day to day errands. We are not used to sitting around, and that can cause sleep disturbances.

Here's a little harder concept than that - binge eating. How many times a day do you look in your fridge scavenging for food? I'm guilty. One thing that helps, is to meal prep. Many people that I have talked to that used to prep, stopped during quarantine. There's no reason to have to stop, just continue with what you were doing. That way meals will be ready to go. Also when food shopping, try to avoid binge worthy snacks and more healthier foods. Most of us probably stocked up on chips and chocolates and you name it. That makes it easy to grab. Also, alcohol seems to be a big variable. Try to limit consumption (yes that can be hard at times like this!). I love me some good wine, but I set a limit to 1 glass a night, 2 glasses if we're doing a virtual game night on the weekend!

Keep busy! And by that I don't mean binge watching all the shows Netflix has to offer. Do things that you have been putting off. Educate yourself. Take some online classes. Read a book. Learn a language. Organize your closets and start your spring cleaning. Go for a walk/exercise. Write a blog (check). I have limited myself to watch 1 movie per night in order to get more things done. I've also read a ton of books on the stock market to get myself ready for when things get better.

Schedule some virtual time with friends and family. It may drive us crazy to be stuck at home, but we must make the best of it. I've done lots of game nights with friends by hooking up Zoom to the computer. So many laughs it's like they are in the room with me. I've heard virtual happy hour has become a thing as well, especially for those who are still working from home.

We are all going through this together. All of our lives have been turned upside down. We are all going somewhat crazy being stuck in the house all day. You must find ways to keep your brain and body active. Remember to always take the necessary precautions of proper hygiene and social distances. Lets hope and pray this ends sooner than later!