Bridal Bootcamp

Everyone wants to look spectacular on their big day. The perfect dress, hair and makeup on point, nails to the T, and the perfect figure to pull it all together. Many women stress about their body prior to their wedding day. Will I fit into my dress? Will I reach my goal weight by then?

Let me break it down for you a list of things you should focus on to look at your absolute best!

1. Consistency is key. You can't workout for a week, fall off for 3 weeks, and restart that cycle. You need to set a routine and stick with it.

2. Make realistic goals. If you have 2 weeks til your wedding, you're not going to lose 20 lbs. Don't plan to workout every single day for 3 hours per day. That brings me to this point - don't wait til last minute to reach your goals!

3. Set a routine. If you know which days and times you'll workout, and what your workout will consist of, you will be much more likely to stay on the right path. If you have difficulty working out at night and get too tired, try and get up a little earlier to workout.

4. Drink lots of water! You hear it so many times, but it's such an important factor. It helps your body function better, curb hunger, and even clears your skin from breakouts!

5. Switch it up. If you get bored easily, it’s important to vary your training every four to six weeks. This will not only make sure you keep challenging your body, but it also means that you won’t get bored when trying to get fit for your wedding. Try adding a new activity such as cycling or swimming. Mix up your cardio workouts with some intervals or hill sprints, or try a new type of exercise class.

6. Lift those weights! Don't be scared, you want to keep those curves. You won't bulk up. Don't fall into the cardio trap of wasting away time on a treadmill for hours a day.

7. Keep a fitness journal. This is great for accountability. A visual will help you see you're strengths and weaknesses. It's even good to keep a food journal to track caloric intake.

8. Don't be scared to have a cheat meal. Youre doing so well with your workouts and diet, but it's driving you mad! It's okay to have a cheat meal here and there. Just remember, its a meal, not a full day binge!

9. Workout with a partner. Sometime, having a fitness partner can push you on days that you just don't feel like doing anything.

10. The most important tip I can give...your fiancee loved you before you started working out like crazy. He loves the way you look, he did ask to marry you after all!